The dog is man's friend Therapy dogs help orphans.

The goal of the project is to rehabilitate and improve the quality of life of orphans with severe psychophysical developmental disabilities by conducting canis therapy classes.

For the fifth year now, we have been conducting regular classes with the children of the Family Education Support Center.

As a result of classes, absolutely all children have:

-development of cognitive activity,
-decrease in muscle spasticity,
-improved coordination of movements,
-reduction of phobias – some children used to be afraid of dogs, but as they study, they love animals,
-improving the emotional state – the opportunity to communicate with a kind and obedient dog gives children great joy,
-increased sociability – they are easier to make contact, both with adults and with each other, which is very rare for children with developmental disabilities.
Some children have particularly striking results – we will tell you more about this in the news section.

What are we doing?

We pay for the work of canis therapists. Classes are held on average 2 times a month. Each lesson lasts 2.5 hours. Sometimes they study with all the children at once (groups of up to 12 people), with some children there is individual work. In total, more than 65 children have already taken part in the classes.

* Canis therapy (from Latin Canis – dog) is one of the types of treatment and rehabilitation of a person with the help of specially trained dogs under the supervision of qualified canis therapists. This is a psychotherapeutic technique that contributes to the development of mental and emotional abilities, improvement of motor functions and motor skills. Also, the method can be used to increase the effectiveness of personality development during correction, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with non-standard developmental features.






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